About art criticism

In 2017, IOOFS, the Art and Social Activism Program (I-CA) launched a project to support and develop art criticism in the Republic of Tajikistan; short-term 3-month courses were held for a group of journalists, students of art universities and artists in total for 15 people, with the aim to train them on writing critical articles in the field of cinema, theater and visual arts in order to strengthen critical thought in the Republic of Tajikistan, the basics for writing reviews and articles on profile art directions. During the training, 35 articles have been written. This year the Program continues to support initiatives for the development of art criticism in the Republic of Tajikistan. On the basis of the Public Foundation ‘Sanati Muosir’, professionals in the field of fine arts – Professor Larisa Dodkhudoeva, in the field of cinematography – Sharofat Arabova and in the field of theatrical art – Muhammadullo Tavarov, conducted their training sessions, which include both theoretical and practical hours, focusing on the perfection of critical thought in the form of articles, notes, essays, outlines. We invite everyone who is interested in the above types of art to participate in this project. All written materials will be selected for posting on the web resource of PF Sanati Muosir by the Council of mentors; further discussion of the critical articles will be held on social networks’ pages.

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