Публичные пространства в действии

Публичные пространства в действии

"Публичные пространства в действии" / "Spaces on the Run"

‘Spaces on the Run’

About the project:

The fundamental changes that took place in Central Asian countries after declaration of independence (the parade of independence) in the early 90s, became a kind of distant reason for studying the processes associated with the transformation of public spaces in the framework of the project Spaces on the Run... The main goal of the project was not only to explore how these changes influenced the function and role of public spaces in the cities of Central Asia (Dushanbe, Almaty, Bishkek and Tashkent), but also to interact with these spaces using contemporary art and social practices as tools to activate them (creative adoption). By its structure, the project consisted of a research and documentation laboratory, theoretical seminars, several art projects / interventions in public spaces implemented by participants from Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan). The final presentation of the project consisted of public programs and presentations of art projects presented in the public space of Dushanbe. The main outputs of our project are exploration, mapping and reproduction of new spaces, as well as local community empowerment (artists, architects, urbanists, students and urban activists), and participation of a new public in the implementation process and gaining access to public spaces.

The presentation of ‘Spaces on the Run’ project publication (English-Russian and Russian-Tajik versions) took place on December 19, 2016 at the Resource Center ‘Dushanbe Art Ground’

Along with the presentation of publication, there was a discussion with invited participants of the project – Gafur SHERMATOV, Victor DUBOVITSKY, Surayo TUYCHIEVA, Murod SHARIFOV and Alexey RUMYANTSEV.

About publication:

The publication covers project components divided into several chapters; the first chapter presents essays by invited researchers, the second chapter is devoted to a platform for research / analysis / mapping of public spaces’ transformation processes in Central Asian cities – Mobile Workshops organized in Dushanbe, Almaty and Bishkek, including some cases. This chapter introduces the reader about research and documentation laboratory and theoretical workshops held in Dushanbe, including a selection of essays of invited curators. The third chapter contains photographic documentation of art projects hold in the public space of Dushanbe.

Texts written by researchers, curators and contributors: Victor DUBOVITSKY, Madina JUNUSOVA and Elena TYO, Natalya ANDRIANOVA, Abdumanop ZIYOEV, Gafur SHERMATOV, Vladimir USS, [STEALTH.unlimited] Ana JOCKICH and Mark NILEN, Gamal BOKONBAEV, Yuliya SOROKINA, Nelya KORZHOVA and Stefan RUSSU...

Art projects and interventions in public space: Eva RUDNITSKA, Alexander NIKOLAEV, Jamshed KHOLIKOV, Alexey RUMYANTSEV, Surayo TUYCHIEVA, Bakhytzhan SALIKHOV, Murod SHARIFOV, Suleiman SHARIFI, Gulbara OMOROVA, Sitora TURSUNOVA and Bakhtiyor RAHIMOV.

Publisher: Dushanbe Art Ground (Public Foundation ‘Sanati Muosir’)

Concept & Editor: Stefan RUSSU

Design: Farida YUNUSOVA

Translation: Katerina YULDASHEVA

Proofreaders (Russian version): Katerina YULDASHEVA, Lilia DRAGNEVA

Proofreaders (English version): Laura SCHLEUSNER, Erik WILLIAM SMITH

Printed in ‘MEGA BASIM YAYIN SAN VE TIC A.S.’ Istanbul, Turkey.

Copies: 500

ISBN 978-99947-892-7-6

The SPACES ON THE RUN project was organized by Dushanbe Art Ground, Tajikistan and supported by the Prince Claus Foundation / Netherlands; Arts Colaboratory – a program of the Khivos and Doen Foundation / Netherlands, Goethe Institute-Tashkent / Uzbekistan, Goethe Institute-Almaty / Kazakhstan, Adam Mitskevich Institute / Poland and the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in the Republic of Tajikistan and the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan.

Regional partners: ‘Urban Initiatives “Ctrl+S Almaty”’, Kazakhstan. Public Foundation ‘Urban Initiatives’ (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).

Project partners in Tajikistan: Institute of Fine Arts and Design of Tajikistan, Union of Artists of Tajikistan, Union of Designers of Tajikistan, Union of Architects of Tajikistan.

Organizer: Dushanbe Art Ground (Public Foundation ‘Sanati Muosir’)

Dushanbe Art Ground (DAG) / Sanati Muosir is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 in Dushanbe. DAG’s mission is to promote and develop contemporary art practices in Tajikistan. We strive to redefine the role of the artist in modern society and to rethink the function of artist from a mere producer to an engaged researcher and critic. DAG’s strategy aims to achieve long-term sustainable development for new media arts and new platforms, where creative and civil communities can jointly create alternative opportunities for social development. Activities of Dushanbe Art Ground / Sanati Muosir are supported by the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in the Republic of Tajikistan and the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan.

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