Urban Legends and Fakelore

Urban Legends and Fakelore

Brief description of the project:


Initially, the curator of the project, Alisher Primkulov, proposed to conduct a course and to assign participants of the course to make a graduation photo and video works within one topic, such topic was the ‘Urban legends and fakelore’.

A single theme for such courses and master classes allows participants to perform work within the framework of any line that unites all works into one exhibition, and also allows them to show the diversity of ideas and their creative diversity, implementation within the framework of one topic, which is assuredly serves as a positive experience for participants.

The concept of a phrase.

Urban legend or urban myth – is a modern kind of legend (myth): which, at first glance, is a believable, although usually not true, story based on modern technical and social reality. (Note: from open sources)

Justification and description of the course’s theme – ‘Urban legends and fakelore’.

Each community of people, especially a community that lives in an urban environment, has its own philosophy, myths and legends, when mentioning them the inhabitants of certain communities living in these communities for a long time and constantly communicating with each other, as a rule, understand the context. In turn, each resident, willingly or unwillingly, becomes a kind of channel for broadcasting such myths and legends, while each time the legend is retelling, it can be transformed or changed. As a result, this often leads to the fact that a certain case can be transformed and developed into an absurd legend / myth that has nothing to do with the reality. Therefore, this topic, like no other, is better suited for implementation in photo and video art.

The acquired skills at implementation of the topic – ‘Urban Legends and Fakelore’ will help the course participants in the future to implement their own ideas and projects, including commercial ones, since such topics are also used in trainings for specialists working in the field of advertising.

Presentation of ‘Urban Legends and Fakelore’ project results (exhibition of works on photo and video art) took place on October 13, 2017 in the resource center of ‘Dushanbe Art Ground’.

Project participants:

Zarrina Hojimuratova

Khurshed Rasulzade

Kamol Yuldashev

Ellina Kim

Bezhan Shamsov

Manizha Boboqulova



Alisher Primkulov

The project was implemented with the financial support of: Open Society Institute – Tajikistan

The project was implemented by: ‘Dushanbe Art Ground’, ArtAREA

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